Jim Wolf – Director, United States Equestrian Team

The USET strives to provide the best possible support for our elite athletes, and we believe that Chester County Farriers offers just that.

Julie Richards – Member 2004 US Olympic Event Team

Steve started shoeing horses for me in 1998 and in the past 17 years I have flown him to Georgia to shoe my horses and he has gone to many countries to take care of my horses along with other USA team horses. I certainly owe my success in soundness and horse management to Steve Teichman has been a vital part of my program.

Victoria Shilton- Amateur Equestrian

Dan Martzall has done my horse’s feet for 7 of the 8 years I have owned him.  He is meticulous about his work and is happy to answer any questions I have.  My horse has navicular changes in his right foot and Dan’s work is a large part of the reason he has been sound.  He is always willing to speak with my vets about Clark’s shoeing and recently travelling to my vet’s clinic to review x-rays.  Every time my equine chiropractor (also a vet) sees Clark, she raves about how great his feet look and tells me I should never change farriers.  We are lucky to have Dan as our farrier.

Brendan Furlong, DVM – United States Equestrian Team

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve for over 20 years in both private Practice and US Olympic Team situations.  Steve has helped me thru four Olympic cycles and during that time we never had a horse fail a Veterinary inspection.  He understands foot function and anatomy better than anyone, his creativity and skill at addressing foot pain and foot issues are extraordinary.  In summary, he is the best and also a true gentleman.

Dorothy Simpson- Amateur Equestrian

Dan is a true master in the art of horseshoeing.  After an x-ray performed for lameness revealed that the coffin bone and hoof wall of my 8yo thoroughbred were severely out of alignment, likely due to previous improper shoeing resulting in a “mechanical founder,” Dan was contacted at the recommendation of my veterinarian.  Dan promptly came out, thoughtfully evaluated my horse’s hooves, and with expertise correctively shod my horse.  The result was not only a marked improvement in the general appearance of his hooves, but a completely sound horse the very next day, with the added benefit of a horse whose stride was more open and free.  Thank you, Dan!

Phillip Dutton- Olympic Team Member & Multiple Medalist

It’s been a privilege to have Steve shoeing my horses for years and he is by far the best farrier in this country.  He has literally helped me secure medals & top finishes throughout the world!

Missy Ransehousen- Upper Level Event Rider & Paralympic Coach

Todd Meister has been shoeing our competition horses, be it for our dressage, eventing or para horses for many years.  It’s enormously helpful that he’s available when needed and that he works well together with our vets for horses that have special challenges.  For multiple years he also helped get Critical Decision through Rolex!  He’s a huge part of team.

Boyd Martin- Olympic Event Rider & Medalist

Steve Teichman has been shoeing our top competition horses and without his amazing knowledge and skills, our nation wouldn’t have some of their team medals.  He is top in the business.

Alexandra Garrity- Amateur Equestrian

Since Dan has been our farrier, the quality in our horses feet has drastically improved. We have little to no need to use hoof supplements and we rarely have a lost shoe. The horses are very sound. Dan’s attention to detail and his care of each individual horse is truly evident in their “happy feet”!