Todd Meister

CCFA DEC 2014-27Todd Meister is a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania who graduated from PSU in 1990 with a BS in biology and Honors in exercise physiology.  He graduated from University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1995, then spent several years in a mixed large animal practice.  To this day he maintains a Pennsylvania Veterinary license.

Todd began shoeing in 1991 before starting his apprenticeship at Chester County Farrier Service in 1993.  He has enjoyed shoeing many upper level event horses and has been fortunate to work on some of the great ones such as, Eagle Lion, Winsome Andante and Critical Decision on a regular basis.

He has traveled the world for his profession, working for international riders and the USET at competitions like Lumulehn, Rolex, Bromont, Fox Hall and Jersey Fresh. Todd has been taking care of the United States Equestrian Team since 2003, primarily working for the Show Jumping and Dressage teams.  During this time Todd has been fortunate enough to be part of 2 Olympic gold medals, 2 Rolex wins and countless other successes.

Todd has been published in many popular magazines, textbooks, farrier journals and scientific journals in both the human and veterinary field.

“I think horses are the kindest and most tolerant of the domesticated animals.  They are patient teachers.  I keep a life list of the horses who have given me a special opportunity to learn and that list has over 20 horses on it.  Oakley has the record for being on it three times!”

“We have to remember we are all here for the horses.”


CCFA DEC 2014-299Todd’s impressive resume includes the following International events:

2003 Pan Am Games, Dominican Republic, Show Jumping and Dressage

2004 Olympics, Greece Show Jumping and Dressage

2008 Olympics, Hong Kong Show Jumping and Dressage

2010 WEG Kentucky, Show Jumping and Dressage

2011 Pan Am Games, Guadelajara, Mexico, Show Jumping and Dressage

2012 London Olympics, Show Jumping and Dressage

2014 WEG, Normandy, Show Jumping

2015 Pan Am Games, Toronto, Canada, Dressage

Other Interests:  Nature, Literature, Archery, Cycling, Shooting, Baseball and Fishing

Email Todd / 610-637-3592


Missy Ransehousen- Upper Level Event Rider & Paralympic Coach

Todd Meister has been shoeing our competition horses, be it for our dressage, eventing or para horses for many years.  It’s enormously helpful that he’s available when needed and that he works well together with our vets for horses that have special challenges.  For multiple years he also helped get Critical Decision through Rolex!  He’s a huge part of team.